The act of someone deciding to terminate a relationship on Facebook is call “Unfriended”. Getting unfriended is hard. It causes mixed feelings of sadness, anger, betrayal. People get mad will trash talk a person who unfriended them. Yes people can start acting very odd when they take trivial stuff personally.

Facebook as an understandable rule where it doesn’t notify people when they are Unfriended. For the very reason that people don’t always handle rejection very gracefully. Due to this problem app developers have filled in gap.

These aps fill an emotional need to for people to know when someone unfriends their account. Due to the emotional response people unwittingly open themselves up for problems. Other than the perceived emotional stress that the girl you had a crush on in Jr. High just unfriended you after making a rude remark about a news story, or your favorite uncle left because you post way too many off colored jokes.  People open themselves up to actually being hacked.

For example Unfriend Alert app does just this. People who install this app enter their user name and password in the app and then that information is stored on the website This is bad on a few levels.

One, you are if the site is ever hacked you may wake up one day to your hard earned likes gone. Your fan page changed and you are locked out so you cannot change it back. Or the people who made the app may have an employee leave and take your log in credentials along with him.

So, how do you fix this?

If you have installed Unfriend Alert app

Uninstall immediately and go to Facebook and change your password. To a good strong password. If you do not know of a good strong password then you can use an app like Lastpass and it will create a strong password and you will not have to worry about keeping up with it.

If you have not installed Unfriend Alert app

You are OK but don’t get sucked into the drama of who has unfriended you. Be glad of the people who like your page and have you as a Facebook friend. If that person who unfollows you keeps hearing of the great content and value you are providing to other people they will come back to the fold.

So know that Facebook wasn’t being mean or uncaring that they did notify you of someone who unfriended you. It is alright and an actual moot point in the grand scheme of things. It is better to let that person leave and not comeback than to sacrifice all of your hard work just for the acceptance e of one person.

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Unfriend Alert app could steal your information
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