Facebook is one of those entities that is always tweaking their product. If you came here from my old post on how to setup the instant articles then you noticed that many of the settings have changed. So I figured that it was time to update this tutorial. So I have been working on another blog that will be using the Instant articles and decided to get the update done.

I do have some good news and that is the setup is easier. The settings are more detailed but a lot more intuitive too. So Take the time and do the steps. Also get your 5 articles published because you will need them for the review section. So know that you will not get this set up on one day. It will take a little time. for Facebook to review. Facebook has also included the Audience Network section so you are able to make a little money from your articles too. The Improvements were desperately needed.

Task 1 – Installing the Plugin

  1. Download the plugin.from the WordPress Plugin repository. if you are looking for the plugin through your WordPress site then do a search for instant articles and you will see, probably on the second row, Instant Articles for WP and it will be By Dekode, Automattic, and Facebook. Where ever, it shows up to make sure it is the one that has both Facebook and Automatic. This is because I have no experience with Page Frog or any of the other plugins.
  2. After installing the plugin and activating it, you will see Instant Articles on the Left-hand Menu Column. Click it.
  3. In a new tab navigate to Facebook’s Instant Articles page
  4. Click sign up
  5. Choose your page in the list Check the box saying you again accept giving up all your worldly values
  6. Click the Enable Instant Articles button
  7. You will now be brought to your Facebook page’s Publishing Tools. And you will also be in the INstant articles Tab.

You now get to Follow the steps located on the Configuration Section. You will also want to have the very least 2 tabs or windows open

Configuration Step:1

  1. IF you have any other people who will need access to the Instant articles section You start with adding them to your team. If it is just you then this stage is already done. YAY!
  2. You will need the Facebook Pages App for your mobile device. SO download and install it. (iOS / Android)
  3. Now you will connect your site to your page.
    1. To do this you will have to authorize your site Click the Authorize your site link and you will drop down the page to the Tools Section
    2. Since we are using a WordPress site we only need the PageID Number. If you do not use the Plugin then you will need to use the Meta tag provided in the black box.FBID.jpg
    3. Copy the Facebook PageID
    4. Go back to your website and under the Instant Articles Tab Enter your PageID in the space provided.WebsitePAgeID.jpg
    5. Click save at the bottom.
    6. Go back to your Facebook page and enter your Website Address don’t put the “HTTP://”
    7. Click the Claim URL button and you should get the celebrity green box that says

      Your URL has been claimed. You can begin setting up your Instant Articles RSS Feed, and add another URL if you’d like to create articles for multiple sites.

  4. Now you can create your Style Templates. you can click the link or you can just scroll down to the Styles section.
    1. CLick the Add Style Button
    2. At the Very top, you will see in light gray. Name Your Style. Do just that Give this style a name. Any name you like. You might want to be descriptive though. So if it is dark then name it Your Page Dark or something like that.
    3. Choose a background Color. I am Boring so I left it as white. IF you are looking for the hex code for a particular color you can use this Color Picker
    4. Choose the Logo Section on the left
      1. Now you will need a logo for your Instant article. If you already have a logo great it has to be bigger than 690px X 132px but it has to be a Transparent PNG file. You might want to talk to your Graphic designer.
      2. Choose how large you want it. Full size or do you want it shrunk down to .3x
      3. If you want to change the color of the Like button and the Bottom border you can do that now also.
      4. After this section, there isn’t much you really have to do.  You can make any changes you like. If you don’t like it you can create a new style.
    5. Once done with the other setting you want to change click the CREATE in the top right corner. If you mess something up you will get an error so you may have to do some troubleshooting.
    6. Copy Style name
    7. Go to your site and enter the Style name exactly as it is written
    8. Enter the Copyright year
  5. If you want to have Facebook advertising on your articles then fill out the Audience Network information
  6. Add your RSS feed to the Production RSS feed  in the Tools section on your page – Your RSS feed for WordPress is normally yourdomainname.com/feed but depending on how you set up your feed it can be different
  7. Add your RSS feed to the Development RSS feed underneath Use the Same RSS feed as the Production

If for whatever reason you get a Logo Missing error. Sounds odd I know but try putting a logo in the Default style.

Authentication Step 2

To be accepted you still have to have 5 articles so get 5 articles posted on your site. If you are waiting to get some articles published Then you might want to go ahead and hit publish for the first 5 articles. This is also good for your site because Google will start crawling and indexing your site. So Get those articles going. The articles won’t show up unless you have these 5 first posts.

When you have 5 posts go ahead and publish them. Then look at your posts in the Publishing Tools>Instant Articles. Look under the Development tab.Look to see if you have any caution triangles. If you do there are some styling problems you are going to want to look at. A big one is pictures in your paragraphs. I don’t know why Facebook is so against this but they are. So you may have to move everything that is in and including the … tag. to be outside of the tag. If this sounds a bit over your head that is ok. YOu will just have to make sure to have your pictures outside of your paragraphs from now on.


Once you have everything looking good Hit the submit button and wait. This step will take normally 3 – 5 days.

Publish Instant Articles: Step 3

As soon as Facebook has looked over you 5 instant articles you are free to start posting.

This should get you up and running so that you can help dish out the best and fastest engaging content for your fans and customers on your Facebook page. If you want to test just how fast the Instant articles is open your Facebook page through the Facebook app for your phone and be amazed at the speed.

If you have any questions or problems please let me know in the comments below.

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Updated Step By Step Tutorial For Setting Up Instant Articles
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