What is one of the best ways to make sure you are seen my the most people, whether it is Facebook Twitter or Instagram? What is one of the best ways to have the all-powerful and knowing algorithm actually help you? Find out what is happening that day.

National What Day?

There is a national, international, and global, event that is happening every day. Some last months at a time but these events are times you can plan for a little notice. We know that, for whatever reason, Presidents day is a day for white sales. Well, they were when I was growing up in the 80’s. The use of Holidays to garner attention to your brand is only the start. There are 365 days of events and Holidays for you to look at and use to your advantage.

Find the Relevant Days

These days are often some type of day of recognition, or they are just days where people can be quirky like National Talk like a Pirate Day. Many times these days are meant to raise awareness for a specific cause. Some are efforts by charitable foundations while others are for the fun of it

Everyone pretty much knows that May 4th is Star Wars day. Why? If you don’t know because May the Fourth sounds a lot like May the force. So, Geeks and nerds around through sheer force, (See what I did there) made that day very popular. If you are able to craft a set of tweets and Facebook posts centered around Star wars day you will start to get more attention and eyes on your brand.

With the over 365 days of events available you can find many days that will work for you. but stay relevant and choose your days accordingly. Remember that there are days that you will have nothing to do with. Take June 4th If you are a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous then you don’t want to be talking about National Cognac day. Yet, you would want to fully utilize National Alcohol Awareness Month in April.

So choose the days you want to use carefully. Look for those days that are relevant but don’t have too much traffic. Yes, Christmas or Thanksgiving may be very relevant to you. but it is a high traffic day so what is going to happen when you tweet out to everybody about your Christmas day sale? Not much, because you are lost in the flood of other people talking about their sale.

Beware of Tragedies

Pearl Harbor Day, Sept 11th or another tragedy are days you do not want to make light of. If you are wanting to talk about an even that is happening a the moment like a Terrorist attack. Don’t and I repeat DONT offer a sale of 75% off. Yes, there have been instances of this, and other ghastly blunders. If you try to capitalize on a day of tragedy the internet will excoriate you and make you wish you had not opened your doors that day.

Treat Tragedies as just that strategies. Use empathy and not mention your business. the fact that your business commented as a means of solidarity on the tragedy is enough.

How to Find Events

So you want to use some of the different days found throughout the year, or at least start looking. There are a few places you can look. If you are wanting to plan a whole campaign centered around a particular day week or month then I know of a couple of resources you can employ.

National Day Calendar

You want to see what every day that is labeled national day of… This is the site for you. You are able to look up by the different months and see what is in store for you. You can actually have a pretty good time looking at the different days. The inspiration that is generated will help you find a theme to talk about. for that day or that week or even that month. So as you craft your social media calendar look up what is happening that particular month and start planning. have fun at it. especially if it is a strange day like nation doughnut day.

Twitter Events calendar

If you go to Twitter Ads you find lots of information about how your ads are performing.  Though if you go to the Analytics menu at the top you will the see Events at the bottom of that drop down menu. Here you are able to find out what events are going to be happening so that you can plan ahead of time. If you want to have a little campaign around the Miss USA pageant. You can find out what day that event is and also see that there will be about 8.2 million people interested in that event. So this can be a handy tool to insert your brand in front of the proper eyes. Just again make it relevant.

Facebook and Twitter Trends

So you are wanting to be a bit spontaneous. You can look and see what everybody is talking about. You can do so with both Facebook Trending and Twitters Trends. Both of these are algorithmically created and change as the news changes. Both of the lists are found on your respective news feed. Use them to see what everyone is talking about and if it is relative to your brand or customers then you might be able to get more people to see your company or brand.

Following and using topics isn’t difficult nor is it a challenge. The challenge is to use this information correctly because when using it incorrectly you will quickly come to regret it. Do you use events calendars and trending topics for your social media marketing? if so tell us in the comments below.

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Use Events to Stay Relevant. 
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