A major question asked by not just new people but by those who have used any social media for any time is, am I making an impact at all?

There are times that you can tell you are making waves you get people to share or even response and then you get that magical viral post. But even if you are not getting the responses you desire you can still see what type of impact you are making.  In Twitter you have Twitter analytics. In Facebook you have Insights. These are the analytics that tell you in 6 different sections how your page is doing. Insights helps you analyze and learn where your actions are working and where your actions are currently falling short.

The 6 different categories are charted out for your viewing this lays out, in a week’s stretch, how well your page is building an audience and how fast. Also, how many people saw your posts in both a paid and organic reference?

The 6 sections of insights

  • Likes – Pretty evident what this tracks. How may likes do you have at one time is there a massive exodus of your page? You can look at the chart and see what day everyone decided they wanted to unlike your page, and this will help you determine what you shouldn’t be posting. The same happen is reverse. If all of a sudden you have 800 new likes in one day. You can start looking at what day the new likes started flowing in, and this could help you to find out what your target audience might just like so you can continue to help them out.
  • Reach – How many people are seeing your posts? This is where you would go to see how far out your posts makes it. Is that one post you made yesterday being seen by 300 people but you are only getting 5 likes? The reach metrics is a good tool for seeing where you might be falling a little short. This is also the tool that will shout out that something is gone hot when your reach shoots through the roof. It also helps you to see how well your Facebook campaign is working because it separates your organic reach our from your paid reach.
  • This metric will also let you know that you might want to change your copywriting because it reports total number of users that have reported your post as Spam or they choose to hide your post and will also show you how many have unliked your page. So this chart can be your best friend or your nemesis.
  • Visits – How many people visited your page? How did those visitors actually arrive to your Facebook page? This very upfront chart will show you the how and also what they look at on your page.
  • Posts – This analytics gives you the dish on how your individual posts are faring after you have hit the publish button. Are your posts getting good views or are they just bouncing off of people’s eyes? It also lets you know how many shares, likes, and click through’s you get with each post. This area can help you determine what time is better for your fans to view your posts. It will help answer the questions like Does your audience visit your page the moment they arrive at work, or are you the last person they see at night before putting the tablet on the charger? With this type of information you can adjust when you should post as to get the most eyes onboard.
  • Videos – With video being the big thing on Facebook at this moment it is good to check your video insights. Here you can learn more about how your audience is interacting with your videos.
  • People – Want to learn about your demographics a little better? Then you will want to turn your eyes to the People tab of your Facebook insights. This little mine of wonderful knowledge is where you can find out about the gender, location, language and other attributes that you are wanting to know about.

Where to find your Insights

  • Webpage – In Facebook go to your ‘Page’ and across the top you will see page messages and in that line you will see Insights. Click this tab
  • Pages mobile app – If you open the Pages App on your phone or tablet you will see along the bottom a symbol for the Bar graph this is the Insights. Now you don’t get the full experience that you would get from the webpage but you are able to see Total likes, new page likes, Total Reach, Post Reach, and People Engaged. You are not able to dig deep but you are able to get a good over view as to how you are doing.

With this great knowledge I do want to place a warning. Looking at your numbers can be very addictive especially if you are just starting your page. Try not to obsess over how your page is doing. As with anything you want to build an audience. This does take time and if you rush it by buying likes or dome other trick you will have a bunch of likes but they will not be engaged people and they will not click on your articles or engage in your other posts. So yes analytics and their corresponding numbers are important. Especially if you have a boss that wants results yesterday or doesn’t understand social media as well as you would hope. Know that the numbers don’t lie if you have a fake audience your engagements will show through.

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Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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Using Facebook Insights To See How Your Page is Performing
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