When you think of Pinterest what do you think of? Weddings, rings, dresses, flowers, and similar items right? Well, yes you will find those but also, you can find many other boards out there that are centered around Pipes and other types of tobacco supplies that your Pipe store could supply.

For men, this social media platform can be a little bit of a mystery. Even though men are typically more visual people often say that Pinterest is Woman-centric. yet not really. This platform is one you want to pay attention to. The search ability of Pinterest is powerful and there are men and women both who are searching for Tobacco  products for themselves and for loved ones that enjoy cigars or pipe accessories.

What are boards?

For the completely uninitiated let us start with the basics. Pinterest is best looked at in layers so you have Your different boards. Boards are categories or topics for your pins. Your pins are your posts. These posts can just be a picture but in the grand scheme of things it is better if you have a link to a post. This allows for the full power of Pinterest to flourish.

The pins themselves have different specialties. You can  mark a location with a Place pin or use an assortment of Rich pins that include buyable pins and promoted pins. Yet they are all visual bookmarks of interesting websites, that allow for your followers to get more information on a particular topic.

The Pinterest Pins

There are normal pins that just have an image, a description and the link back to the original site

Rich pins – There are several different types of rich pins. There are rich pins that help people find apps to helping people with their reading lists but there are four types of pins that are particularly good for Western Oklahoma Pipe tobacco stores.

Place pins – If you want a location to be noted you can make a place pin that will show a particular store or just a town. This can be used for a festival or the location of a pipe manufacture. If you are posting about types of tobacco you could make a place pin that shows the location of an exotic tobacco distribution center. When you place these pins the location will show up underneath the pins image and the description. along with a phone number and address.

Product pins – This allows you to give real time pricing. These buyable pins also tell the viewer where to buy it and provides the opportunity for your followers to buy right from the pin.

Now these pins are not a just turn on and they are ready to rip. you have to do some preparation on your website. It is not all that difficult but you may want to have your website developer at hand so that they can add the needed metadata to your site, but it isn’t anything too involved so the time shouldn’t be too great.

Promoted pins – are just as they sound these are advertisements pins. You can help get your pin in front of more people.

How do you use Pinterest?

For your boards

The strategies are numerous but a few basic steps would be first for your boards. Make the title of your board as specific as you can. My goodies don’t tell anybody anything. But if you have Half Bent Billards this will tell people just what they are in for. You could actually niche down even further and have all Jobey half bent billiard pipes.

Have a description of your board these are searchable and will help bring people interested in your in products. and with Pinterest boards showing up in google search you want to make sure your information in the description is accurate and not spammy.

Choose a category. Now if you try to create a board on the mobile app you will not have this option but you can set it from the desktop version of the page. But choose a good category that fits with what you are wanting to place on the board.

You can choose to hide your board till you have enough pins a good round number is about 15 -20 seems to get a good response. Yet you don’t have to hide your board this is just a personal choice. just remember that if it is hidden nobody sees it.

So, have fun with Pinterest you can actually grow a good following and develops quite a few leads when you apply Pinterest properly.

If you are ready to make the jump to using Pinterest create your Business Pinterest Account

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