A new social media site opened its doors and let people start pouring in. Now, this platform is not like Peach. It isn’t overly done in options gifs or shortcodes. There are 6 different options you can post. That’s it, simple and clean. This new Social Media Platform is not so new it has actually been around for 3 years. yet, No one had heard of VERO until this week.

Vero started out as a protest to the Instagram Algorithm. Lots of people were unhappy when the algorithm was introduced and Ayman Hariri saw an opportunity. Got a developer team together created Vero and well it just floated.

The designers and mind behind Vero wanted a more authentic form of self-expression. They want to show the world that they didn’t have to live by an algorithm. Before last week Vero had a grand total of 150,000 downloads. Within one week it had exploded to over 3 million users.

What makes Vero so Special?

You can make 6 different posts.

Camera – You can take a picture or Video or use a picture/video from your Camera Roll. You take the picture. Click next and here you can edit the photo and say something about it.

Link – IF you have a link you would like to share to your followers and friends

Music – Have a Jam that is totally worth sharing? You can share it out to the world. Then if people like it they are able to buy the song on iTunes. I am sure there is an affiliate link at work here and that is alright with me. That way there is a little revenue coming in.

Movie / TV – Wanting to vent about The Walking Dead? Or are you just now watching Breaking Bad. maybe you just saw the hot move at the time. You can share that you are watching or have watched a movie. You can then share your two cents to all of those who are friends and or follow.

Book – Are You a reader? Then there is a post type for you too. Here you can share all your love of books for all of your book lovers who follow you.

Place – Are you a person who is on the move? you can post a place that is on the 4Square network You are then able to attach a picture from 4Square, Bing or from your Camera.

These each has their own collections. Collections are just as they sound but these are also in chronological order and are created by the people you follow and who you are friends with. So you can see all the pictures your friends have posted. Or if you like to see where everyone has traveled to you can also pull up this collection.

The Troubles.

With a sudden explosion like that it is easy to understand that there are going to be problems. They had outages because Vero wasn’t expecting a flood of new users. So they had server issues galore. Their data pipes were not large enough so they had extended outages. People couldn’t post at all.

Many people tried to log in and couldn’t login other couldn’t even sign up or if they did they had to wait an exorbitant amount of time to get the confirmation email.

The Russian Connection

Then the news as to who designed Vero started to come out. This caused me some conflict because there were a lot of Russian designers on board. Now I am from the age of the Cold war. Yes, I am an old fart now shut up. So my lack of trust in Russia is because I still see Spies Like Us or some James Bond villain.

The younger folks who found out about the Russian developers are not happy because of Russia and the election. So when the millennial group hears Russia they also wig out but for a completely different reason. My reaction was to just use it. Don’t sweat the Russians, yet.

The Wins

The big win is the fact that everything that is posted shows up and is in the order that is was posted. I have accepted the algorithmic world of the popular social media platforms. Yet, this doesn’t mean I like it. I still miss what I think are important posts on facebook. And I cant find the recent tweets from my friends to save my life. These are frustrations and to have a default chronological order is a nice breath of fresh air.

The simplicity of the collections allows you to see all of the new images or videos or movies your friends and follows have liked and commented on.

When you first open Vero you will get to see the beauty of the design. the background changes with each image that is shown. WIth rich turquoise highlights. The layout is simple and intuitive for an old brain like mine.

If you have a post you only want you, friends, to see you can set that with a simple selection. if you want everybody to see. again just open it up to everybody. You have 4 different level of sharing. You have a close friend, Friend, acquaintance, then follow.

Not Sures

Now there are some items that are holding people back. The big one is will they suffer any more outages? The answer I am sure they will. THink of it like Twitter and their famous Fail Whale. It will go down but it isn’t the end of the world if it does. Heck Facebook faces outages from time to time. It is rare enough that when it happens it makes the news.

The other problem I foresee with this is that it will be a subscription-based app. The first million people will receive it for free but the rest of the new people climbing on, they will have to pay. How much? Don’t know but with the onrush of people, it is still free to everyone. but be ready for the door to close on folks soon.






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I am here!

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