Seems like everybody today is getting into the video live streaming business. You have the likes of Meerkat and Periscope  and that we’re having another one that is actually a t live streaming to a different angle. This app is called MyEye and it was actually created our group the company that created it is backed by David Beckham. The changes and different angles that MyEye tonight is unique and actually across MyEye through a tweet from Beckham song guess him draw dropping MyEye and I was intrigued so I downloaded it and tried it out and I like it a lot

Perks of MyEye

The largest perks of MyEye is the beautiful inviting layout, it just draws you in. MyEye’s layout really doesn’t do much more than the other two live streaming apps. It offers a view of the live streams. You can see who the populate streams are at a quick glance. The changes and differences are a great perk.

The big thing, besides for the layout is the map. First time you see a live stream through MyEye, you see the world spin around and zooms in the location that live stream takes place. The map is a great change from what Periscope uses. Yes, you can use flat map like Periscope, but the globe offers an opportunity see all the different streams from all around the world. Pretty much all at the same time. It’s fun it’s textile and it’s even neat, a little innovation to differentiate itself from the other live streaming apps.

Another feature, is you can customize your MyEye stream with filters. A lot like Instagram’s filters offer, and lot of the same names. Yet the effects are the same you can give it a 1968 burned out look or a deep rich moody feel all depending on your mood and what you like.

You are also able to give your stream a subject or a title. However you would like to describe it you can let the world know what your stream at this moment is about. This is a huge way differentiate itself and offered a richer feel.

MyEye has some of the most original audience interaction abilities I have seen from the live video streaming apps out there. Though it is also a drawback but your audience is able to share your stream they can say HI!, smile, cry, Thumb up or down and each action is accumulative and keeps building through the three days that the video says alive on the MyEye Servers. Yep, you read that correctly after you have stopped the stream it is not gone. Unless you want to delete it. But with the video you can see how many people have applauded your video and you can offer then encores and the like. Meerkat is done other than you’re saved recoding on your camera roll, and Periscope keeps it live for 24 hours. Your video is able to keep providing value to your audience for three days and you get to keep your video on your Camera roll.

Drawbacks for MyEye

Now I do understand why but for a live action question and answer MyEye is not going to be your solution. This is because people cannot send text messages to you through the app. They can only send different emotions as feedback. The reason behind this is because the video itself does hang around for three days. After you finish, you can’t edit it with the different questions that might be asked. So though understood because of who the videos are setup after you finish the stream. It just goes to show that there are different types of screwdrivers

The Draw that I get with MyEye is still a little low but I personally attribute it to the relative newness of the app. It is having to play catchup to the Periscope that has the backing of Twitter and many people are starting to glob on to that platform. Then again never out guess the innovations of a creative mind I believe these guys have some unique ideas.

Have you tried MyEye yet? If so what do you think of it? If not, Why not? You can comment below.

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