Recently you may have received a notice from Facebook saying that one or more of your friends was a dirty rat and took the Your Digital Life Quiz. Oh, the outrage I know. Yet still, this has raised the topic of What exactly does Facebook know about me?

I was going to target the how fake the outrage is till I tried to do a search and found out through google that nobody really cares cause they already were aware of it. So thought maybe informing people how to they can see what Facebook knows about you would be a good topic.

My Google predictive search shows no one is worried about their data.

I do find the types of information Facebook has to be a fascinating exploration into how a person interacts with a website.

What ads got you to interact with them? Well over 480 different ads was the number after I stopped counting cause it didn’t know where the end was. I will show you how you can look at all of the ads.

Facebook also shows that I had 260 different interest points in one of the 14 different categories.  Funny thing is all of this information has been available for you to review for a very long time.

How to find out what Facebook has on you.

As everything in Facebook, it is in the most underused and intriguing section of Facebook. Settings. You may remember the Facebook Settings post how to access the settings but if not then here you go.

  1. Top Right-hand corner clicks the Down arrow by the Question mark.SettingsDesktop2
  2. Then click on the settings  near the bottom of the menu
  3. Chose Ads
  4. Here you are at the center point of all that Facebook knows about you. Other than what you have saved in your profile.


Let’s explore the different categories and subcategories that you can find in here.

Your Interests

At the top of the list is your Interests there are 14 different categories. You will find Six categories listed with a more at the end.

  • Business and Industry
  • News and Entertainment
  • Hobbies and activities
  • People
  • Travel Places and Events
  • Technology
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Education
  • Shopping and Fashion
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Lifestyle and Culture
  • Others

In each category, you will see two rows and a See More. Click the See More and you will get 2 more rows. If for whatever reason, you have decided to remove an interest you can click on the X in the top right-hand corner of that interest.

Advertisers You’ve Interacted With

have you watched a sponsored video? How about visiting a website that has a Facebook Pixel? Then you will have businesses showing you in this category.

  • Who have added their contact list to Facebook – This is a list of websites who you have given them your email address. Businesses will often use your email address as a means to build Custom Audiences of people like you. So it may not be you they are targeting but someone like you.
  • Whose website of App you have used – Web sites that have a Facebook Pixel
  • Whom you’ve Visited – These are ads of businesses you saw because you were at their store.
  • Whose ad you have clicked – These are actual ads you have interacted with.
  • Whom you’ve hidden – If you have ever ridden an ad then this is where they are listed.

Your Information

  • About You – These are statues you can actually toggle on and off the access that advertisers can access.
    • Relationship Status
    • Employer
    • Job Title
    • Education
  • Your Categories
    This is an interesting section to look at. You will see what Facebook thinks of you. These are different advertising categories businesses like to advertise to. So look and be amazed at how accurate it is. If you think they are wrong you can choose the X on the right-hand side.

Ad Settings

These are three different settings you can choose to turn on or off.

  • Ads based on the websites and apps you have used
  • Ads and Apps based on the Facebook Companies
  • Ads with your Social Actions

Hide Ad Topics

You can choose to hide three different topics

  • Alcohol
  • Parenting
  • Pets

So this is what Facebook knows about you. It can be entertaining and insightful. You can get worked up about it. but why do so? Your interactions are how Facebook makes money. You are the product. So as long as you are able to still talk to aunt gladius on the weekends it is a fair tradeoff.


I am here!

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I am here!

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What exactly does Facebook know about me?
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