Now, this is ultimately a tale of hope. So when you read the following words don’t despair too much about our hero.

If you read this blog, at any regularity, you probably know that new posts are released on Mondays. I aim for 6 AM each Monday but sometimes it doesn’t post when it is supposed to. More often than not I look at the post and see that it didn’t post when it was supposed to and I have to manually post it. Then there are times it posts way early. Like the week before last, it posted somewhere around 1 am why? I don’t know but it did.

All of that to say I write my Monday post sometime earlier in the week I set the release time and then wait. I did the same thing for the  Sept 19 Post about YouTube’s New Rules.

My Writing Process

This is how I normally do my blog post workflow. After I decide on a topic I write it out. I just go with the flow I don’t worry about her miss spellings, grammar atrocities, nothing like that. I just write. This will often take about an hour to three depending on the length and the number of interruptions I get.

Once finished with writing my text into the WordPress Desktop application. I set the Category and enter all the tags I can think of for that post.I set the date and time I want the blog post to be posted. Save the work and close the Desktop App.

I proceed to create my featured images. I then look for other images that I might be able to place inside the blog post. After all, that is done. I go to my Backend and log in. Here I set my Keyword for Yoast SEO and place my social media images. I then address the spelling problems.

Now all my life I have been plagued by the bloody piece of paper the teacher hands back in school. It is bloody from al the red ink that has been spilled marking up the poor piece of tree that had the bad luck of falling into my path. Well, today is no worse. I use Grammarly for my spell checking. For the spelling errors, Grammarly also uses redline to show that there is a problem.

After about 15 minutes of correcting the misspelled words. I will then go take around a three-hour break so that I can come back and look at the post in some fresh eyes and see if it still somewhat reads ok. Again I did this made some more corrections and tweaks and called it good.

I then Normally click update and close the browser.This is where I think I went wrong. I don’t believe I updated my post before closing. either Cricket the wonder Hound needed something pressing or the wife needed to run an error. Either way, The changes to spelling and grammar and pictures didn’t’ get set.


ohnoI didn’t double check on them till I woke up on Monday. I fired up the email and the first thing I was hit with was a notification that someone had commented on the New post. That almost never happens.

So with a slightly giddy feeling, I went to my comment to hoping it wasn’t spam. It wasn’t spam. It was a helpful anonymous person. They used the moniker of Seriously! and wrote the following.

It is hard to take your article seriously because of the outrageous amount of typos. How can we think your facts are correct, when your spelling is so horrendous??!!!

The results are clear. I screwed up. Big Time! So I jump to the computer and pull up my backend, and look at the post in question. Sure as all get out it is dripping red. No images have been placed or in this case the YouTube Videos. It was just plain boring text that is next to impossible to read because of all the errors.

So I spent the next hour or so correcting the problems and getting it going all while from time to time seeing someone pop on to the site through Google Analytics. So, at every different stage of rectifying my blunder, I would save the changes. so that it would be a little easier to read for the next person who would pause on the post.

Lesson Learned.

There are three lessons to be had from my goof. These are lessons I have heard other people say time and time again.

Lesson 1: If you want comments to have some miss spelled words or glaring grammatical errors. Either way, you are sure to get someone stepping up to correct you. Like Seriously! did, she point out that I had messed up, and I am thankful she did? Yeah messing up is embarrassing. It even ventures out on to the slight painful spectrum of mess ups. Yet, you will survive, and be a better blogger for it.

Lesson 2: Check your post a day or two before the post goes live. Just to verify that it is good. Click the preview button to see that all the formatting is good. Don’t obsess about your upcoming post but don’t set it and forget it like I did.

Lesson 3: Don’t shoot the messenger.Yeah, people can, at times, lack a little in the tact department. Yet be gracious. In my case, I am the one that screwed up and didn’t triple check my post and I was called out on it. Good! I am glad of it I learned a good lesson and I now hope I will not repeat it for a good long while.

So have you ever done something as embarrassing as having an unreadable post? Share it with the rest of us in the comments below.


Apparently I didn’t learn too much right off the bat I saw another glaring typo. If you look at the URL you will see that I let slip that I can’t seem to spell learned. 😳😳😳😳🙀🙀🙀🙀

I am here!

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I am here!

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