Your home base on the web is your website. This is where people come to find out what products you have available, and news of your company. Most small businesses now know that they need to have a website. Even if it is a static site, or a site that never changes, a website for your business is important.

But, how do you increase the value of your site? How do you make it so that people visit your site more than just when they have a problem? What is an easy way to increase your websites traffic? How do you get people to find you easier through search engines? There are many different solutions to all of these questions, and depending on the people asked, you will get just as many different answers. One item will be mentioned by just about each person and that item can cover all of those questions, Blogging.

What is a blog?

A Blog is a mash up of two words Web logs, and with all things internet at the beginning of 2000’s multi syllable words were cut down so Weblogs became Blogs. People use to make their blogs by hand coding all the html. That is till Movable Type and Blogger came on the scene and that is when blogging became easier to use. Then in 2005 WordPress came out and blogging started growing even faster.

Blogs started out as a kind of online diary with web services Live Journal and Open Diary software was being used. But Blogging has morphed into news and Information platform.

Why should you blog?

Google, we know you need Google or one of the other search engines found online for people to be able to find your website. Google happens to be the big dog. Many people pay attention to what Google considers to be a good website. The big important items is that the site keeps having new information posted. The more frequent the information is posted, the better the site. Now, there is more to it than that, like the number of words in each post and much more, but if you want to post more than every so often it is easier to have a blog than have to get a web designer to code a page with the news. So to use a blog is actually easier, less expensive, and faster than having it all hand coded.

Because of the increased speed you are able provide value to your readers and reach a level of influence that is pretty difficult to achieve without being with your audience in person. The use of blogs as a medium to convey knowledge is a marvelous vehicle to help your customers learn not only your business and the services you provide but how they can help themselves in your field. Often if you help people out they will grow to know like and trust you on a different plane. What even you choose to blog about as long as you are providing value your true customers will be excited about your company. They will share your information and become advocates to your cause. You will get value by giving value. A blog is an easy to use platform for sharing the knowledge you possess and if you use that knowledge to bring people back repeatedly to see what new information you have shared for their consumption. This can increase their excitement about your services or products and when you introduce something new they are eager to want to buy.

So Blogging is a great tool to have in your social media arsenal. Yes Blogging is a media form and it has a comments section that allows for your core audience members to comment and share their information with you and the rest of your audience. The use of blogs as a community tool then makes it an important channel in your overall social media strategy. So grow your audience and help give them a reason as to why your business is worth getting worked up about.

What are some of your apprehensions about using a blog? Share them in the comments section blelow?



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I am here!

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What is Blogging?
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