Have you ever wondered what type of face book users are visiting your website? Need better insight into who your customer really is? You can pay the Gross Domestic Product of a small nation to an analytics company or you can get some very detailed insights of your target audience with just a little code.

You already have google analytics you say? Well good but I am not talk about google analytics I am actually talking about using Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Whaaaa?

Facebook Pixel, is a bit of code that helps with Facebook Ads but also allows you to measure build and optimize your audience. Facebook used to have two different types of code that they called a pixel. The first one was the Conversion tracking Pixel and then there was the Custom Audience Pixel. Facebook is doing away with both of these in 2016. And in their place you can get the power of both in one simple piece of code. When the code is in place and working properly you can get the following benefits.

Audience Retargeting

This is when you are in the process of leading your customer down your sales funnel and for whatever reason they do not make it to the final sale. You can actually then place a reminder ad that targets only the customers that didn’t finish the sale. You can target these ads to point back to the point they left off. This way they can finish the purchase. It also allows your business to remain in front of mind. Though if not set up correctly this can become annoying because I am sure you have been hit with retargeting ads for months after you purchased something from a site. This tool is invaluable and Facebook pixel provides a means to limit your retargeting to specific pages and stop when they hit certain pages.

Find your Look-a-Like Audience

Want to reach those people that will very likely be your target audience? Then use your audience as the template and copy them over. This can help grow your likes or it is also a great means to reach the demographic equivalent of your audience.

Track Your Conversions

Where do your customers fall off? Where do they jump on in the flow of your sales funnel? Is there a a link that leads your customer away from that sale? Or do they just drift off and never return? Learning and tracking your conversions can help. You are able to tell if your copy is successful or if it needs a little more work. Just by using the Facebook Pixel.

So how to install your Facebook Pixel

Go to Facebook.com

On the Left hand side you will see Ads Manager

Click on the Ads Manager

Click on Tools and you will see Pixels

Tools then Pixels

You will be presented with the steps that you will go through to make your pixels


Click on the Create a Pixel button

You can now give our Pixel a Name. Mine is Smith, but you can give it a more descriptive name if you like. Then click the Create Pixel Button.


You now area able to get the Code for the pixel


Copy the code and then paste that code in the <Head></Head> tags of your page if you are using WordPress you can do this in the WordPress backend  under Appearance and choose the editor and look for the Header.php Paste the code right before the </head>. Save the changes.

You can then go about creating what you want to track For instance an audience. There are specific settings you can play with

For example you can have people who have

  • Anyone who has visited your Webpage
  • People who visit specific web pages
  • People who visit specific web pages but not others
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  • OR you can create custom variables.

Once you set this tell the pixel how far back you want to go I believe the max is 180

Then Give your Audience a name. The settings are pretty close to the same for tracking conversions you can track standard conversions or customer conversions.createAudience

Once done you can check to see if your pixel is installed correctly over on the right hand side of your screen you will see the name of your pixel and the active light will tell you if it is good or not.


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What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install it
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