Here we are. You pretty much have all or your blog setup and ready to go. You found your topic. You have what your overarching keywords figured out. You even know how you’re going to work your keywords into every post if it seems like a good thing to do. So now, how often should you be posting?

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This is the big question. Because the actual answer is, how hard do you want to work? The more work you do on your blog the more you will get out of it. That is pretty much how everything in life works, and is no different with your blog.

On an average day when you are, writing a blog post you may put in 2-3 hours of writing. Now this will include your research and gather the talking points together. By the time you are done and have had, your bathroom breaks, food runs, and all of that you may even stretch your writing period to 4 hours. Therefore, if you can concentrate and really get to work, you might be able to crank out a 1500 word blog post in a couple of hours.

So know that you will have to block off some time when you are writing your blog. You can write in little increments if that works for you while I like to try to consume the whole beast in one sitting. Whichever way you attack the post is entirely up to you.

This brings us back to the original question, how often should you post a blog post? The answer is simple. Whenever you want to post. The frequency can and often will have ramifications on how many people visit your blog.  So let’s look at the three main frequencies of posting you examine the pros and cons of each.

Posting Daily

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You have sat down and you have thought of your topics you have ideas that you can write. In fact, you have come up with over 300 in just a couple of days thinking of what you will write about. So you have decided you want to write every day on your blog. Congratulations, this is the biggest hill for blogging and like Everest, everybody wants to climb that amazing mountain but not many do. If you want, the prime blog posting frequency, then daily is the winner.

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Why? Well, that is because it is hard work. As I mentioned if you know how to focus and really grind out the work you are still chalking up about 2 hours to writing the blog post. That isn’t even covering the editing that happens afterward.

Many people who try to blog daily end up burning out it is like a light you can go hard and fast try to be the biggest and brightest light but you also run the risk of being used up creatively in a very short amount of time.

If you can succeed at getting daily posts out then you are rewarded with a lot of attention. Google likes a blog that updates their content regularly with quality content. So if you are talking about your topic daily and really driving some great quality articles. Then you will be rewarded with visitors. IF you are just cranking out small 200 word thoughts with not much meat on them then you will pretty much be spinning your wheels. No matter what your frequency is, you have to make sure there is some quality advice on your site. The more quality the more work.

When you are hitting “it” out of the park each time your readers will want to come and see what you have more often. They will share your content with their communities and which in turn brings more people to your blog.

Your keyword list will grow faster, that way people will be able to find you any time they venture out into searching your topic. Daily has many rewards but you have to be willing to put in the effort.

A large drawback is that you could actually provide too much content for your readers. Your blog readers only have the same amount of time in the day as you do. If you are being a google golden boy and writing 2500 word essays every day. Eventually, your readers will grow fatigued of your content. It isn’t that they will stop liking what you write, they just simply won’t have time to read all of what you provide.


Google will like you more

You stay in the forethought of your readers they will return more often.


You run the risk of providing too much content

Higher chance of burn out

Posting Weekly

This, in my opinion, is the Goldilocks of blog post frequencies. It is just right. You can hammer out a post for your blog, then go out, and work on other parts of your business. You could dedicate a couple of hours to writing on a Saturday morning and be done. You will have time to thoroughly research your topics. You are able to commit more time to write your blog posts. This is because you have 140 hours to work on your blog post instead of only 24.

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The pace is nowhere near as hectic as a daily blog. The chance of burning out is lower. Therefore, you are able to grow your following even though it may take longer. Google see that you are posting to your blog and it is at a good pace for Google. It shows Google that your blog is active and still being used. So, for SEO weekly is not as good as day but it is still very good.

You can also take more time to promote your blog posts. You can interact with other folks and grow your following while daily blog posts your next thought is always on tomorrow’s job. So if you want good growth and less of a chance of burn out then look to posting weekly.

My one big problem with weekly is that time can get away from you. You just celebrated the publishing of your latest post and then BOOM! You wake up and it is the day before you are supposed to publish your next article. You have to keep an eye on the days because time will run.


Good medium pace

You are still in your reader’s thoughts.

You have time to concentrate on other aspects of your business


Your blog growth is slower.

Time can slip by you.

Posting Monthly

Now if you don’t any time at all but you want to have a blog. You can post monthly. There are many problems with this posting frequency in monthly formats. The biggest is that your readers will get distracted and find information from other people who post more frequently.

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Now one thing that you can do if you want to post only on a month-to-month basis is you can make the best killer content. Google loves in-depth long-form content. The longer the better. If you were to use that month to write a 5000 – 7000-word blog post with all the hows and whys with backlinks to reinforce your arguments Google will serve you at the top just because that is what Google is truly wanting. When you have the type of content, your readers will often also wait with baited breath for what type of knowledge you are going to bring to the table.

So yes, you can go monthly but you will be putting in just as much work writing those huge beasts of content. You may get good rankings but Google does like if you could put that type of information out more regularly. So your site as a whole will not rank as high. Because there are sites that are known to post all that information more frequently even if they are in smaller chunks.


You are getting content out.

You can make the best long-form content for Google


Google will not check your blog as often

Your readers will likely forget about you unless you have good promotional system setup.

There is another schedule of posting and it is the worst. That is posting whenever you feel the need to post, or random posting. If that is the only posting you do, you will have the hardest time growing your blog. That is because your readers will not know when to check your blog. Google won’t know when to look for updated so no one will know when you add a new blog post. So don’t do this. If you want to add a random blog post in between other blog posts that are great extra content! Yet, just posting 3 days in a row. Then nothing for 2 months, only to post weekly for a month will not earn you any readers. So find a posting frequency and hold it.

The key if being consistent. With any posting schedule, if you post Friday at 3 pm then make all your posts Friday at 3 pm. If for some reason you miss it and you are late or even early that is alright from time to time. Just don’t make it a habit. Your readers like consistency. The more consistent your blog post schedule is the better. So choose a time and hold it.

If for some reason you change your mind and decide to change to Mondays at 6 am to post your latest article then that is fine just hold it so that everybody will understand that your posting times have changed.

What is your schedule for posting your blog? Share when you plan to have your blog post go public with the community in the comments below.

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