Google is trying out a new social media app. but don’t try beating down the door looking for an invite. Because you have to be in college. So this little experiment might gain an audience and become popular with those looking to take a road trip but it si going to really not become popular with those of us geezers that have experienced life and be a little more cautious of who they pair up to go gallivanting across the country side, or even around the corner to Chipotle.

It looks like Google is trying out a page from Facebook and making a service for the college students so if you are needing to take a midnight run to Taco Bell and you would like to have some company you can ask who’s down to make a burrito run. Or you can find out who would like to catch the next Star Wars flick it will be a fun adventure. Granted I would like to see what people are Down to do what. Yet, I don’t believe I will really be responding to any requests. Though I feel that urge to be accepted so I can see what I am not missing.

To join you are going to need a Google Account and an invite code. To get the invite code you will need to submit your email and what school you go to. So, I don’t see this 40 year old social media zealot getting an invite anytime in the near future but they may open it up for the rest of us. If they do, you know I will give it a proper review. Till then see if you can find a college student see if you can view it on their phone.

I am here!

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I am here!

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Who’s Down for a new Google Social Media App?

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