posteverydayfbSweet! You have your Facebook page setup. Your Twitter is not an egg head anymore. Pinterest pinboards have 25 pins. You even have a Google collections going. So… Now what? Time to start implementing your plan. What plan have you set up?

Many times when a company is new to social media they start to get that social media is a valuable way to build customers. Though often the thought is to build it and they will come. This is a famous line from “Field of Dreams” and apparently only works on long dead baseball players. The build it and they will come line doesn’t work on building a tribe.

You have to have a plan. What are you going to post? How often are you going to post? This second question is what I want to focus on. How often should a person or business post to their social media profiles to be effective?

The answer to this question really depends on you, but if at all possible I recommend posting at least once a day every day. This is to the majority of your social media platforms that you are using.

OK, Breathe!

relax and breather social media isn't difficultI see you getting a little green around the gills. So, relax, Take some deep breaths. I realize that posting every day seems like a lot and if I was meaning posting to your blog I would agree. That is a lot of work.

So, we are going to set the Blog post frequency aside at the moment and lets talk about how you can actually have daily posts to the majority of the common social network platforms and still have time to do your laundry and see the kiddos.

Why post every day?

For the biggest reason, it placed you in the for thought of your customers. if they see you every day they will actually anticipate being able to see you every day. You stay in front of mind.

Posting at least once a day shows new people that you are active on that social platform. There is nothing worse that going to a Facebook page and seeing that the last post was at Christmas two years ago.

If there are no posts, how are people suppose to engage with you? Some people will wonder why they are not getting any interactions. That is like wondering why the building is falling apart in a ghost town.

The more you post to your social media profiles the better interactions you will get. Unless you are a master at drawing people to you, the engagement starts out slow. Yet, as you show people that you do post often and those posts are of quality content to help them out.

This is also a part that often causes people to think that social media does not work. They start posting at random times and don’t really see much in response. Rightfully so. Your customers and potential customers don’t know that you are there.But they also don’t know what type of value you are going to provide them on the selected channel

As often as you can

The frequency of your posts depends on the platform you are going to post and the resources you have at hand. For example, Martha Stewart posts once an hour to her Facebook account. Now, Martha is doing all of that posting. It is the folks she has hired who are posting for her. So trying to keep up with Martha is ludicrous. Though you can post every day to Facebook.with just yourself.

Twitter the frequency is a little more ragged but it is possible for you to be posting several times a day and sharing other people’s posts throughout the day, again with just yourself. If you have a social media manager you can often increase the frequency.

How to Post Daily

timeBeing able to post daily in all reality is not tough. It can take some often no more than an hour a week. I set up my weeks worth of Facebook posts on Sunday. After that, I check the posts from time to time throughout the week to reshare some posts over on to my private profile and groups.

The initial setting up for that week again takes maybe 30 minutes. That allows for me to post twice a day Monday through Friday on Facebook. Twitter is a quick post as I see it.

Many of the different interactions and posts I do are while waiting in lines. Whether those lines are at the bank or the grocery store. We stand in a lot of lines. Standing at the gas pump, or if you have a wonderful husband who pumps the gas for you then while you are sitting in the car. People often have little short snippets of downtime.

One place that often has a good bit of standing around waiting is at the grocery store. Yeah, they may have 14 checks out lanes but only 4 are open at a time on weekends. It never fails that you are behind the person who only has 2 full shopping carts. This is a good time to Twitter and sees what is being said and interact with some of the people you are following.

Another good time to post to your social media is during commercial breaks if you are a television watcher. You can also show your followers your personal side by posting comments about the television show you are watching. That way you are joining a part of the community that is talking about who was killed off on Game of Thrones. You can complain about your favorite character hasn’t been on the show for the past three episodes. All of this can be done in good spirit and help grow your community.

While the cookies bake you can go on to one of the networks and talk to those that liked a post of yours. This will help build engagement for your posts. Ask them questions like what about that post did they like? If that person liked your latest Facebook post.

You can also use this time to find things to post. It can save you a little time if you are always looking for posts to put up on your timelines and newsfeeds. When ou finds an article you like you can then add it to a scheduler and get it ready fo the next week.


*WARNING* Now I want to warn you about automating your posts. It is ok to automate some of your posts but making your social media all about the automation is bad. you are taking the social out of social media. None of these automators I am going to be mentioning are made by Ronco. So, there will be no setting and forgetting. All of these tools are meant to help, not replace you. If you flat out don’t think you can actually have the real you on a platform because of time. Call me I can help to get you going.


The biggest part of being able to get your social media posts up and ready to go for the next week is with schedulers. They allow for you to set when a post should go live. Though some of these schedulers will work on the majority of the different social media networks. There is one thing you want to know only use Facebook’s scheduled post. This is because of the edgerank algorithm. If you post with an app other than Facebook your post will have even less opportunity to be seen. Because it will be shown to fewer people than if it was posted through Facebook itself. So, No matter how time-crunched you feel schedule your posts using Facebook Pages.

Buffer App – The Best scheduling app out there right now is BufferApp. When it comes to covering the bases This is the app that will do it. You are able to schedule with Twitter, LinkedIn GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. BufferApp has a free version of their service that allows for you to have 10 posts scheduled but if you want more then you can go to their Awesome Plan and you are then able to schedule up to 100 posts. The price for this is only $10 a month.

The times that they are posted are up to you. You can set the times to be whatever time of the day. however many times during the day you would like. Buffer also has chrome extensions so if you come across a blog post you believe would benefit your customers all you have to do is click the extension button and add a picture. You have then added a new post to the cue.

Meet Edgar – A web app that is great for redistributing  your own content is MeetEdgar. You are able to connect 10 social media accounts with the startup plan ($49/mo) and up to 25 with a premium plan ($99/mo). But what Edgar does is takes the better performing posts and automatically residuals them so that they get even more attention.

You want to make sure you go through and curate what is being posted through Edgar because if not you can actually start irritating your followers with repeated posts. So as mentioned before this isn’t made by Ronco.

Tweet Jukebox – Another Web application that is good for resharing your posts is Tweet Jukebox. Tweet JukeBox has two plans the Free plan and then their premium plan ($10/mo). The big difference from Edgar is instead of an algorithm deciding what posts are the better posts to mention. You enter what you want to have tweeted out and then set how often you want to tweet. Choose the time’s your tweets are to be sent on what day and the tweets are then randomized as they are sent out.

Tailwind – This is a premium Web Application that is specialized for Pinterest. With Tailwind ($9 – $800 / Month) you schedule what you want to be pinned and to what pinboards and you are all set. The big advantage to using Tailwind is that Tailwind has partnered with Pinterest and so you don’t have to worry about having your account banned for using an illegal application.

Content Curators

Now often people think of posting daily they are thinking it has to be their own content. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Yes, you want to post your own content but you also want to post other people’s content. This here is the secret to posting daily. Post your stuff but post other people’s stuff also. This is not sending people away to your competitor. This is giving your customers all the proper information they need. If you sell Rheem Air conditioners you would want to share information about Rheem air conditioners. News about New products that are coming out and the like. You are not sending your customers over to Trane.



This is an RSS Symbol

So how do you curate other people’s information? My number one tool for this is Feedly. This is a Web app that also has applications for iPhone and Android. But what does it do? At its core, Feedly is an RSS reader. RSS is a special web page for only RSS readers. kind like how HTML is a special type of web page for Web browsers. Most Blogs have an RSS feed. These feeds are commonly found by looking for the symbol or if you know that your favorite blog is a WordPress blog then you can usually follow this format if you type that into a Chrome browser you will see a bunch of garbled words and that is OK because your browser isn’t an RSS reader like Feedly.

With Feedly, you can add all of the RSS Feed for your favorite blogs and be able to look through all the new posts as they are published. then you can copy the URL and then schedule the posts to the social media platform of your choice.

Another sneaky recourse is Facebook Groups if you are in any groups that pertain to your industry you will from time to time pick up great pieces of news that will help you and your audience. So again you can take these posts and share them with your followers by scheduling them out for the following week.

Posting daily sounds like it is tedious and time-consuming work. and it can be if you let it. If you set aside the needed time to get it done you can also free up a lot of time to be able to interact with your followers. and this is what social media is best at. building relationships with your customers. Do you have some time-saving tips you would like to share? Tell us in the comment section below.

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I am here!

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