Reclaim your TimeSocial Media, Yeah business owners hear it so much it could and often is a buzz word. You realize you need to be using Social Media. You are using it but you feel that you are not quite getting the reach you thought you could. What is up with all these other social networks? Do you need to be on Snapchat? Then there is Twitter! How do you even get your information in front of your audience when each tweet only lasts about 5 seconds?

Then the big problem. When does one find the time to even try to attempt social media? Facebook is like going near a black hole. You on to spend 15 minutes updating and when you finish it is 3 hours later. When is there time to craft a blog post? You want to show your customer that you are knowledgeable. Yet there is the time between your business, family, and community. How are you supposed to do any of this and still get 2 hours of sleep?

What if you don’t use Social Media?

You realize that without social media in your marketing arsenal, you are not there for your ideal customer. The people who follow you are your fans, and they want to hear from you. If your customer has a problem they are looking to your business for a solution. They want to be your advocate. And if you are not on social media then who will come to their rescue? Your competition will be there. They will help your customer. Your competition will then be the knight in shining armor. How much future revenue could you lose because of a lack of time?

My Social Media Hero

There was this time that I was in West Texas and I had stopped off at a local chain of convenience stores. While there I had picked up a bag of Sizzlin Bacon flavored Sunflower seeds by Biggs. Well, that is what I thought I was getting, till I opened up the bag and tossed a handful into my mouth. The first thing I noticed was that these seeds were hot. Then I noticed that the flavor was a lot like Franks Redhot sauce, good flavor but not what I was wanting. So I stopped over at the next town to get another bag of Sizzlin Bacon and repeated the process. Quickly realizing that I had again received Franks RedHot Flavored seeds. So, it was time to rattle a cage or two. I jumped on to Twitter to reach out to Biggs and voice my frustrations over their mix up.

Within an hour of pressing Tweet. I got a response. Apologizing for the problem and asked if we could take this conversation into a more private Direct Message.  Biggs handled the complaint. Then turned around and pulled an awesome maneuver. They sent me three fresh bags of sunflower seeds and other bits of big swag.

Now, what did Biggs Sunflower seeds actually do? Because they were on social media and hear my cry of frustration. Biggs came out and fixed the problem. Made me feel relevant and in doing so created a super fan. I will not eat any other brand of Sunflower seeds other than Biggs. I tell people about Biggs. I am an ambassador for Biggs and they screwed up! Put the wrong flavor in the wrong bag. Yet, instead of losing a customer they fixed it so that I am a super fan.

You can use Social Media

You can use social media to become a superhero in your customers and fans eyes too. Yes, it takes time but allow me to free up some of that time. I can go from setting up over to coaching you. If the need is managing your social media channels so that you are able to focus your time on the business at hand. With 10 years of Customer service under my belt, I am able to help and serve you and your customer base. I am able to build a following that is hungry for only the information you can give them.

I will call you.

If you would like some ideas or suggestions. You can set up a 15 minute 1 on 1 phone call. Where we can talk strategy or thoughts on tactics. If you just want my thoughts on Snapchat we can talk about that. We can do a quick consultation and that might be all you need.

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