Facebook is one of those wonderful entities that surprise you at several turns. then there are times that Facebook will make you scratch you head in wonder the next day. Then with what seems little thought make you want to hulk out and smash your keyboard into tiny little bits. in other words, Facebook likes to keep talking and guessing.
Facebook has created another way for you do sell your products on their platform. Yes, it is possible to list your different products and sell them through Facebook. But as it is Facebook it isn’t just straight forward and it is still being rolled out to people.

Rented Land Warning!

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I want to get this said and out of the way right now. Using Facebook solely as your storefront is a BAD idea. Do not do it. You are building your house on rented land. You need to have your own website connected to your own domain name. This is because Facebook can change the rules or take this away at any time. If you do not have a place of your own that you control guess what you lose if you don’t have your own website? If you said your customers, you are correct. If you would like to get a deeper understanding on this you can read Have Your Own Domain. Consider yourself warned.

If you need help doing any of this we can talk.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a place for your business. Not to be confused with Workplace. Which is a collaborative service sold be Facebook? Facebook Business is a feature offered by Facebook for businesses that need to manage several different pages and ad campaigns all at the same time. Setting up is not hard though there are times that you will be hit with questions and how you should proceed. I will be making a tutorial on how to set up Facebook Business manager soon.At this moment if you have any questions I would recommend addressing the help at the top of the Facebook Business page.

The reason I am talking about Facebook Business manager is because the only way to access your shop feature is through Facebook Business Manager. So, you will have to decide if you want to use Facebook Business manager.

The biggest issue you will see is if you want to make any changes to your page you have to do it through the business manager instead of just going to the page. Example

You can’t make changes to your page from facebook.com/yourPage, if you do, you will be told to go to your business page. So all of your page changes will be to buisness.facebook.com/yourPage.  But your page will still be accessible to your customers through the original URL.

How to setup shop

  1. If you go to your business management page which normally looks like http://business.facebok.com/YourPage
  2. Go to Settings in the top right corner
  3. Click Edit Page on the left column
  4. Click ADD TAB
  5. The Shop Tab will now be added to the list.
  6. Click Page at the top.
  7. Click the new Shop Tab on the navigation menu on the left.
  8. You will need to agree to the Merchant Terms and policies
  9. Choose who will handle the checkout. You can have Facebook handle the checkout OR you can send people to another site.
  10. Click on Publishing Tools along the top
  11. You will see a new option. and Facebook may even announce it for you Click on Shop
  12. Click on Add Product button
  13. Here, you are able to add all of the physical products you would like to see on Facebook. You will want to add  images and if possible video demos of your products.
  14. When you are finished adding your products you may have to wait for your entries to be approved by Facebook.
  15. Return to your Shop tab on your page and enter a description for your shop.

After that, you are pretty much ready to go! You can then start advertising your products and giving your customer the convenience of being able to purchase your products without leaving Facebook.

You can also set your services if you’re a service-based business. the setup is pretty much the same and will share that next week.

Do you use the Shop feature? How do you like it? Are there any problems you have run into? Let us know in the Comment section below.


It works with your Pages App

You get more granular information

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