YouTube is an important part of any social media strategy, and Google, being Google, have been busy making improvements to YouTube and a couple of these improvements are hidden but you can see what Google is cooking up with a trip to the TestTube. Often there is not much here but there are a couple of great features that are available, and worth exploring.

What features are available?

Google is getting ready to start serving 4K videos. Well actually they do already serve 4k or UltraHD /UHD videos. Now If you are walking through your local electronics store or even Wal-Mart, you have seen the new UHD televisions for sell. You can start viewing UHD videos though at the time, they are limited but you can view some by seeing what the RED camera company has put up for viewing, on their RED Collective Channel. And as expected when viewing video filmed at 3840×2160 pixels, you get to see amazing views and shots, with detail so fine, I cannot describe it.

Yet that is not all. The Smart guys at YouTube have also implemented 60 frames a second. Which makes the movement even more fluid then the current standard 30 frames a second. So you get UHD with a movement that is as smooth as silk. This is a step that will help all video producers increase their quality of videos.

Still not satisfied? Well neither are the YouTube wizards. They are also working on new player or new features to put in the player and you can actually use the new player and experience the better scaling and fit to any size screen. To get the new player just go to the TestTube Site and click the button at the bottom to enable the new player. This player has some nice changes one it does away with the play later option but also has a transparent feature so it gets out of the way as it plays. When you need to the controls. These buttons are bigger and look better.

What is LABS

Google is always experimenting and in all of their services they have some sort of labs section. Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and YouTube have these experimental features that often prove to be very helpful in adding the little bit of extra functionality. That may not of ever thought you would need. Yet, couldn’t do without after finding it.

Youtube with all of Googles products are always growing and maturing. Often it may be something you never notice but then again it may be that one item that you have been hoping to get for quite some time. The new features are going to help your YouTube channel to have a higher quality video. This video will allow for your customers and fans to see your products in better detail. So who knows maybe you need to invest in a new 4k camera.

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